What Your Neighbors Say About NassauTRANSIT

"I use it (NassauTRANSIT) four days a week, Monday through Thursday. I hate driving, so I found out about this—and it’s only a dollar—so I thought, 'sweet.' My parents love it because it saves money. It’s pretty nice—the drivers are always cool."

James Jekyll, Student at Florida State College Downtown Campus, Amelia Island Resident

"This is my second time using it (NassauTRANSIT.) I intend to use it a lot more. It’s fantastic! I guess people don’t know about it. I use it to go to art museums. I connect to the Skyway [Jacksonville Transit Authority’s free, 2.5 mile, elevated monorail system]. Last month I went to MOCA [Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville], and today I went to MOSH [The Museum of Science & History]. I like using public transportation for ecological reasons."

Laura Robinson, Amelia Island author/illustrator of children’s books

"NassauTRANSIT has helped us a lot because it is cheaper than a taxi and we’re low income. They’re good for taking you around the island or off the island when you have an appointment in Jacksonville. They’re dependable—they’re always there to pick you up when they say they will, and always there to pick you up on the return. They have very nice drivers—very courteous!"

Sacha Moore & Barbara Tallman (Domestic Partners), Registered Users,

"I think it's an awesome service. I truly don't know what I'd do without it -- I would have to buy a car. Two dollars round trip? You can't beat it! I live on the west side, in Callahan. I started using it in 2010 or 2011. I use it Monday through Friday. (To commute to work in Jacksonville.) I meet people every day and we talk and have a good time -- I call them my 'shuttle family'."

Sharon Crummell, teacher at Teen Parent Services, Duval County Schools.,